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I listen to music genres in spurts.  For a while I will listen to a hip-hop station then I will listen to a pop station for a while and so forth.  Lately I’ve just been listening to CD’s.  Today I guess my mood switched again and I turned on a pop station.  As I was pulling into my garage I heard the radio DJ talk about a loss.  Then I heard him say Kidd Kraddick was the loss.  This sort of thing is one of those shocks that never loses it’s spark.  You always begin the day one way and then out of the blue hear about something unfortunate that happened…whether to someone you know or not….and it has some type of effect on you because it’s simply unexpected. 
Kidd Kraddick has been a radio personality for decades.  Even people who don’t listen to radio morning shows have heard his name for one reason or another.  I just read a note from someone who has been listening to his show for 25 years.  Imagine how many people have been listening that long.  What an impact this one man has made.  Sure he has had help from his crew and producers and such.  And sure many people do not know him personally.  Still, it’s almost like losing someone you talk to on the phone every day.  Just think…for 25 years (or however long you’ve been listening) you get in the car Monday through Friday and listen to the radio on your way to work.  For Twenty-Five Years his voice is in your car.  You even make comments or answer his questions even though you know he can’t hear you.  You laugh at his silly stories and you tear up when he tells stories about families his show wants to help because they have had a hard time.  You learn so many things about his daughter and his wife/ex-wife and many personal things that generally you only hear from your friends.  For all these years he has shared his life with you and now when you turn on the radio, you will probably have to remind yourself why you no longer hear this voice you have grown accustomed to..that has become a part of your daily life.
It is always unfortunate when someone is lost.  I suppose in this case, the impact is to an unimagineable number of people because of the wide reach media has these days. I suppose the charities like “Kidd’s Kids” will continue in his honor…at least in my opinion they should.


My First Lesson Learned in Internet Marketing

I have been trying to learn about internet marketing in hopes to help my friends with their businesses and potentially build my own business.  The first lesson I have learned is that the people you try to help have to want your help.  If they want to do it all on their own then it is not worth your energy to try to force them to let you help.  Yes, there is possibly a way to persuade them and convince them that you would be valuable to them.  However, if you are like me and you’re still learning, it is a little difficult to prove your expertise.

Wooden Bead Tribal Necklace

I’m not real big on fashion but I had to reblog this post because I absolutely love this necklace. I just love the brightness of the colors…they are “feel good” colors.

Fashion in the Urban Jungle

Cool Necklace!

Tribal wooden bead necklace

I found this really unique wooden bead necklace bib at Strut during thier 40% sale during Fourth of July weekend (from $21 to $13).  While the rest of my outfit wasn’t anything to write home about I really wanted to show off this piece.

Yes, I actually have a number of outfits to showcase but I have been having OS issues with my comp and the BCOD (blue screen of death) is becoming more and more common these days.  I have to back errrrrrrything up on an external drive in the event my laptop decides he wants to chunk the deuces on me.  It’s crazy because I have had this laptop for six years and everyone freaks out when I tell them I have had a laptop last that long.

I take great care of my electronics.

Plus it’s a Dell.  I find all their products dependable.


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Zimmerman Trial – Guilty? What’s the Verdict?

The jury has been in deliberation for about an hour now deciding the verdict and ultimately the fate of George Zimmerman.  How long do you think this deliberation will take?  Has the prosecution proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt?  Please take the poll below.  I would love to know the thoughts of the WordPress world out there.

The Lone Ranger Movie

I’m curious about what the older generation thinks about The Lone Ranger movie that just came out (2013).  I have seen several bad reviews.  People really did not like this movie.  However, when the movie was ending and I looked up, the only people there were from the older generation waiting for the credits to finish.  I thought that was interesting because usually it is the younger generation wanting to sit and wait for the end credits to see what else will happen and others are just ready to go (or go to the bathroom).  I just couldn’t help wondering what they were thinking.  I understand where people are coming from with the bad reviews but if I were around 70+ years ago when the show first came out, I wonder if the movie would have been thought about differently seeing it today.


Have you ever tried so hard to help someone, only to eventually realize that you may not be helping them. You think you’ve tried everything you could to help them but it turns out that there was a whole different direction you could have gone to do so. How do you live with knowing that?

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Before yet another Independence Day ends, I figured I’d disperse a  little random 4th of July history.  Today I saw an episode of Warehouse 13 in which a character named “Alice” said “Curiouser and Curiouser”.  The “Alice” in this episode was the one created by Lewis Carroll, but of course with a “Warehouse 13” twist on the story.  I wondered to myself where that phrase came from.  I hear it every once in a while and I wasn’t sure what movie or show it originated from so I looked it up.  It was first introduced in Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which was published on July 4, 1865.  I have seen the movie representation of “Alice in Wonderland” in so many different forms and version yet I did not remember that line.  I’m sure I’ve heard it a ridiculous amount of times and never realized that Alice herself was the first one to say it.

That’s my random bit of info for the day!