Numbers Elf Krumholtz

I know actors are real people and not just the roles they play. Neil Patrick Harris isn’t Doogie. Jaleel White isn’t the nerd Steve Urkel or the sexy sophisticated Stephen Urkel. However, sometimes I can’t help wanting to watch something just because an actor who played a beloved character of mine is in it. I figure they must have played the character I loved so well that they are bound to continue to impress me with other characters. Right now I am watching the show Numbers, starring David Krumholtz. I remember when this show came out. I had remembered David from The Santa Clause movie. He played Bernard the Elf and I think I had a slight crush on him. So when I saw that he was in this Numbers show, I was thrilled and just had to watch it.


Margaritas and Lucy

I decided to try out a bottled margarita today. I got Cayman Jack from Target.  It’s already I suppose.  I have probably had better though.  I think it is adding to my laughter though. I am watching episodes of “I Love Lucy” and I am tickled that I can laugh at episodes I’ve seen soooo many times.  I practically have these memorized yet I’m still amused.  Perhaps the Cayman Jack is working.  Of course, I haven’t watched “I Love Lucy” in a while now.  I wore myself out on it and this is the first time I’ve watched it since.  I just recently got Amazon Prime and saw that it was on there.  I guess I’ve gone long enough without watching it because  I almost feel like I have missed Lucy and her silly escapades.


Can’t stand Found Footage movies

I am watching “The Gallows” on HBO Now and I am remembering how much I can’t stand Found Footage movies. The lighting tends to suck and I find all the camera movement distracting.  If it’s a good enough movie then I can eventually start to ignore the distraction as I get into the movie.

I just finished the movie. I guess it was decent enough but I still would prefer more traditional camera work. Sometimes there are scenes where people are running and the camera is facing up down and all around. I just have to sit there and wait for it to be refocused so I can know what the heck is going on.

Do you like those kind of movies?

I am about to watch “Godsend” now. Anybody seen it?

My brief thoughts on Jason Bourne *spoiler alert*

In summary, for an action movie I felt like Jason Bourne was pretty boring.

The first chase scene lasted forever and didn’t provide much thrill to me.  Maybe my Margarita dulled my senses. Or maybe I was just tired. I just couldn’t quite get interested in the movie even during the action scenes. It felt like something was missing.

What did you think of the movie?



Gen Y and Millennials

I know that it doesn’t really matter much what generation I am considered, but I was just thinking….

I still don’t understand why the Gen Y’ers are lumped in with the Millennials.  It seems like those born in the 80’s and maybe some 90’s should stay as Gen Y and then the next batch be called Millennials.  I say this because I often have conversations with people ten or so years younger than me, yet still in my “generation”, and I realize that we really grew up in different eras.  I used pay phones growing up.  I didn’t get a cell phone until college, before text messaging, and loong before smart phones.  I remember having to ask to use the phones in restaurants or stores or at someone’s house so someone would know where I was.  I couldn’t post it somewhere instantly.  Now, I hardly remember pay phones being a dime, but I definitely remember them being a quarter, or you would use those long distance cards (remember those?  lol).  Now pay phones seem more like vintage art.

I remember the annoying dial-up that you often got kicked off of so someone could use the phone.  I remember AOL and AIM being a huge deal and the abbreviated messages were limited to “LOL” and “BRB”.  I know there were more than those two but man, the text language is out of control these days.  I have to guess at what the heck people are talking about, FRFR!  So these friends of mine that are so much younger than me had phones by the time they were in middle school.  They don’t know how it feels to not be glued to technology in such a way.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Gameboy back in the day, but I wasn’t obligated to constantly stay plugged in.  Besides, the battery would eventually run out.

I remember my Tandy computer, typing on black screen, and even owning a typewriter.  I also remember watching tons of VCR recorded movies, no clue someday I’d be able to stream on this piece of equipment that fits in my pocket.  It’s mind blowing when I think about it from the perspective of myself back in the 90’s.

I know I sound like one of those “back in my day I walked barefoot in the snow” people, but I just get amazed sometimes at how different things are in such a short period of time due to technology advances.  And because those younger were born in this instant technology age, and I knew life slightly before it, I think we have completely different generational experiences.  And yes, I know that technology was alive and well before cell phones, so I’m not saying I lived in the stone age. I’m just talking about the vast changes since then.

One last thing, I was amused at a conversation I had with a friend last week. Her Mom wanted to get her nephew some building blocks.  She yelled at her saying that little kids don’t play with building blocks anymore, they need something electronic they can play with.  I’m not saying she is wrong, but crap, someone in that generation needs to know how to build things with their hands.  They can’t all be the engineers and designers and tech geeks when they run the world.  I feel like making a point to buy legos and building blocks for all my friends kids now just cus.

End Rant.