Technology Makes Us Lazy

The more advanced technology, the lazier some people get.  At my job we use scanners a lot.  To scan something, you just enter in your e-mail address, hit start, and wallah!  Our scanners allow you to save your e-mail address in there so that you can just push your name and it will scan to your e-mail address instead of having to type your e-mail every time.  I think this is pretty darn cool and so much quicker.  However, the other day, a co-worker suggested we scan something to our e-mail so we can send it to someone.  She quickly changed her mind and decided we should make a copy of the document and bring it to that person.  She said her name was not programmed into that particular printer (we were on a different floor) and she didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of typing in her e-mail address.  What?!?!??!?!?!   I tried real hard to keep a straight face but thought it was the funniest thing….there is hardly any work in typing your e-mail address.  In fact, it’d be quicker and easier to type your e-mail address instead of having to find that person’s desk on some other floor and bringing them the document physically.  Mind you, I have no problem doing either but I just thought it was hilarious that the idea of typing in your e-mail address has become such a big task because we are so used to the advanced technology of saving your e-mail address in a scanner/printer machine.