I eat in my car

I just finished eating my lunch at Taco Bell. I went through the drive-thru then parked in the Taco Bell parking lot to eat my meal.  It’s become a habit of mine to do this, at any fast food restaurant.   I was tickled when I looked to my left and saw that the two cars next to me were doing the exact same thing. I wonder why these others chose to eat in their car instead of the tables in the restaurant. I suppose some people dont want to eat alone, but what about the cars with more than one person doing this?  I like staying in my car when I’m by myself so I can keep listening to a podcast or an audiobook without being interrupted. Lol…as I’m writing this, another car pulled up and started eating.  Lol…you might think I’m a nosey stalker but I wasn’t looking very hard into their cars. With just a glance I can see the wrappers.
Are we too lazy to walk our butts into the restaurant or is the car just more comfy?