NaBloPoMo November 2014 – Last Post

It came so quickly

But it’s here!

And so ends NaBloPoMo November

For this year.

For those of you going on to December, Happy Blogging!!!!!


Sunday Night Blues

Another weekend come and gone.
Another chance to sing my gloomy song.
Two days to play, to clean, to rest
To catch up, to replenish, to go and be blessed.
Blink two times and it’s Saturday night.
Blink again and turn out the light
Because when you wake it will be to an alarm
It’s Monday already, aint that a charm?
“My oh my, did I sleep 48 hours?”
I think to myself as I get in the shower.
I did my laundry so I must have been awake.
I bought some groceries.  How long did that take?
I meant to do this and I hoped to do that.
The lists fill my head as I toss to my back.
How much sleep will I lose this time
As I dread the work week and draft my little rhyme?

Turning on the Heater

Is it time again? Do we dare 
Flip that switch and change the air?
Is it truly Winter’s turn? 
Can we cozy up to the familiar smell of that first-time burn? 
Is it worth it? Is it time?
Do you get the point of this rhyme?

Will tomorrow be warm again and will we be mad we switched before Summer’s end?
Will it work or just make clicks as it tries to lite?
Are we better off with a blanket tonight?

I ask these questions obviously
Because tomorrow we still may need the AC.