Jamie Brewer

As I mentioned before, I like hearing about Amazing Women.  I think Jamie Brewer is amazing,

She currently plays a witch named Nan in “American Horror Story: Coven”.  She can hear people’s thoughts and is quite perceptive.  I like Jamie because she is very passionate about her Cause and has been a part of several movements to make things happen for people with intellectual disabilities.

Brewer Emmys 2012

She has spoken with Senators to stop them from using word like retardation/retard/retarded in the state legislation.  Texas now uses the term Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) in their legislation.  That’s a feat in itself because Texas is a pretty tough crowd.  She has been a part of several groups related to intellectual disabilities.  In ARC, she has served in a few different highly notable capacities, one being part of the ARC Governmental Affairs Committee for Texas.  The ARC has a unique history itself.  It was started in the ’50s by concerned parents and their friends.  It has changed names several times over the years landing on The Arc in 1991 as the word Retardation gained too much negative connotation.  I highly dislike that term as my Mother worked for several years at a State School facility taking care of many people with intellectual disabilities.  They adored her so much and came to know me as her daughter when I went to pick her up.  People end up in these facilities for many reasons, be it they were born with a birth defect or abnormality that loved ones were not quite able to handle, or some unfortunate event happened like a car accident which affected key parts of the brain.  Knowing the background of lovable people whose families stopped visiting made me real glad my Mom was in their lives.  She’s always been a “walk it off” and “you can do it, just take your time” type of person and the people she took care of showed improvement from what I could tell…or at the very least began to open up to someone treating them as a person and not a paycheck.  But back to Jamie.  I just think she’s pretty cool.  I’m not sure I’m courageous enough to go to such depths for anything I believe in…so I look to people like her and my Mom to give me strength to fight the good fight.

Photo from Wiki