Watching Lost again

I have just started watching the Lost series again after all these years. I don’t know if the adventure will be just as exciting since I know what will happen but we will see. Before this show, I didn’t know who many of these actors were. If I had seen them previously, I didn’t really remember them. Now I recognize many of them in other TV shows and I get excited to see them. I notice some sci-fi/fantasy shows have several “Lost” actors guest star. “Once Upon A Time” is one of those shows. I think I used to love seeing Jorge Garcia (played Hurley on Lost), but I think my favorite person to show up on a TV show I am watching is Rebecca Mader (Dr. Charlotte Staples Lewis on Lost). She plays “Zelena” on “Once Upon A Time” and I think I also remember her guest starring on “Fringe”. She plays a fantastic villain. I think the other TV show I tend to recognize actors from is “Heroes”.

Wow, these actors look so young on season one of “Lost”. I forget how long it has been.

This show is really putting a smile of my face right now. So many things are going to happen but right now they know nothing about each other, let alone “The Others” or the Dharma initiative. I know it is fictional television but it’s a great show. It’s before the pregnant girl became Belle and the guy who doesn’t speak English went to Hawaii Five-0. It’s before the lady doc of “The Others” became a Snow Queen and Hurley became a giant. It’s before the brother who died too soon became the bad boy vamp brother that all the girls had a crush on. I could go on but you get my point. Funny enough, I didn’t know at the time that I was supposed to recognize the guy playing “Charlie” (played by Dominic Monaghan). I hadn’t yet seen “The Lord of the Rings”. I have now though.

Well, back to the show.


Hit the Pause!

Lately I have appreciated the commercials on Hulu. They help me unglue myself from the tele so I can do something productive. I used to prefer Netflix because I can’t stand commercials or waiting a whole week for another episode. However, I have such a hard time hitting the pause button. I end up running to the bathroom sometimes because I don’t want to miss anything. I find that now I am waiting on a commercial so I can finally tackle the dishes or some other household chore. I know that all I need to do is hit the pause button but for some reason that fact doesn’t always register in my brain.

Numbers Elf Krumholtz

I know actors are real people and not just the roles they play. Neil Patrick Harris isn’t Doogie. Jaleel White isn’t the nerd Steve Urkel or the sexy sophisticated Stephen Urkel. However, sometimes I can’t help wanting to watch something just because an actor who played a beloved character of mine is in it. I figure they must have played the character I loved so well that they are bound to continue to impress me with other characters. Right now I am watching the show Numbers, starring David Krumholtz. I remember when this show came out. I had remembered David from The Santa Clause movie. He played Bernard the Elf and I think I had a slight crush on him. So when I saw that he was in this Numbers show, I was thrilled and just had to watch it.

Margaritas and Lucy

I decided to try out a bottled margarita today. I got Cayman Jack from Target.  It’s already I suppose.  I have probably had better though.  I think it is adding to my laughter though. I am watching episodes of “I Love Lucy” and I am tickled that I can laugh at episodes I’ve seen soooo many times.  I practically have these memorized yet I’m still amused.  Perhaps the Cayman Jack is working.  Of course, I haven’t watched “I Love Lucy” in a while now.  I wore myself out on it and this is the first time I’ve watched it since.  I just recently got Amazon Prime and saw that it was on there.  I guess I’ve gone long enough without watching it because  I almost feel like I have missed Lucy and her silly escapades.


Can’t stand Found Footage movies

I am watching “The Gallows” on HBO Now and I am remembering how much I can’t stand Found Footage movies. The lighting tends to suck and I find all the camera movement distracting.  If it’s a good enough movie then I can eventually start to ignore the distraction as I get into the movie.

I just finished the movie. I guess it was decent enough but I still would prefer more traditional camera work. Sometimes there are scenes where people are running and the camera is facing up down and all around. I just have to sit there and wait for it to be refocused so I can know what the heck is going on.

Do you like those kind of movies?

I am about to watch “Godsend” now. Anybody seen it?

My brief thoughts on Jason Bourne *spoiler alert*

In summary, for an action movie I felt like Jason Bourne was pretty boring.

The first chase scene lasted forever and didn’t provide much thrill to me.  Maybe my Margarita dulled my senses. Or maybe I was just tired. I just couldn’t quite get interested in the movie even during the action scenes. It felt like something was missing.

What did you think of the movie?