Why Stop trying for a heartbeat?

A lot of times on TV, when a person is doing CPR or trying to jump start a heartbeat for too long, someone stops them. “Let them go,” they say or “it’s over, they’re gone, you’ve done all you could do.”. Sometimes those people ignore the suggestion and keep beating on the heart until the person takes a breath. Now I know this is all fictional but I always think “why stop? “. It’s not like you could make it worse. You might as well keep trying to see if it will work. ¬†Stopping means it’s truly over.

The odd thoughts that go thru my head.


Dominos New Name

I just saw a Domino’s commercial telling us that Domino’s has changed its name. It is no longer Domino’s Pizza. It is just Domino’s now because they offer more than just pizza. I wondered if anyone else had the same silly thought as me, which was, “They were called Domino’s Pizza? I’ve always just called them Domino’s.”