Aspiring Copywriter

I’ve decided to get into copywriting.  I plan to take a course or two once I figure out which ones are good to take.  I’ve seen several options out there but I don’t know which are good for people with no experience and which are scams.  Feel free to offer recommendations if you have knowledge in this area.  I’ve started writing copy on here as practice.  So far, I only know the little bit I have read through free material, and that is not very much.  Once I get deeper into this and learn much more about how to write persuasive copy, I hope I will be able to see improvement in my writing.  Feel free to give me feedback (don’t be too mean).  My practice posts will be under my “Copywriting Practice” category.

Thanks for stopping by!

My copywriting attempts:

Here’s your first step to the New Confident You….


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