Here’s your first step to the New Confident You….

If you’re looking for a way to boost your confidence while doing something new and exciting, this should be the next thing you cross off your bucket list. Getting boudoir photos taken is more than simply taking pictures; it’s an experience. This session will be all about YOU. It’s exciting to experiment with your inner sexy on camera. Enjoy some wine and relax as an experienced make-up artist pampers your face. Then put on various sexy outfits and play with different poses as you find and reveal your inner sexy. The photographer will guide you through poses as her camera captures Y-O-U. Take that small leap to expose yourself and discover how freeing it can be. These photos can be your little secret or framed for the world to see. Dare to openly wear those clothes you imagine yourself in behind closed doors. This session is all about you can be as daring as you care to be. Take this first step toward the new confident you.

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Why I wrote this.


My Netflix Faux Pas

As an avid Netflix watcher, you’d think I know better by now. Since I love being able to binge watch, you’d think I’d make sure that was a possibility before just jumping into a new show. But noooo, I didn’t bother to notice whether or not The Fall series had a new season in the works before going through both seasons. I didn’t even bother to notice how many episodes there were, which are only 5/6 for each season. So before I could blink, I was finished with both seasons. Then I found out that the 3rd season isn’t even in the works yet. The 2nd season just finished airing a few months ago. WHAT WAS I THINKING! If I had to do it again, I would first see how many seasons are out and how many are available on Netflix, then I would see how many episodes are in each season. This way I know how much I have to pace myself so that it won’t be over all in one sitting. Even if I don’t intend to be committed to a show (which was the case for this one) I need to notice these things. Because I know that if I watch enough episodes, I will eventually want to know what’s going to happen in the next episode/season simply because I’ve seen so much history, or in some cases, the show got better as it went on and/or it grew on me.

It sucks that now I have to wait probably a year before I can binge watch the next season of this show in its entirety. Or, I have to wait most of the year to watch it air on TV and then torture myself with weekly episodes. I think that Jillian Anderson was fantastic in this show and Jamie Dornan is cute, no matter what type of character he is playing. At least I’ll get to see him soon as Mr. Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I first noticed him (and his good looks) in “Once Upon a Time” as the huntsman/sheriff character.