The Fade

The color was fading fast and the black and white dullness was only steps behind me. I was afraid to let the Fade near me because I didn’t want to become as dull as the rest of the neighborhood.  My best friend, Kira, was a step ahead of me so I was thankful I wasn’t alone.  I saw a car that looked like it was painted with a psychedelic paint brush.  The Fade at the side of the car was stalled.  I wondered if all that bright color and personality kept it out. Kira jerked the door open and dove in.  A beat later I got in too. I cranked the car and drove through the Fade, passing all the blank faces that tried to make us like them. One of them, my brother, was still chanting “be like us, think like us,” like all those first touched by the Fade.  I kept driving, hoping to find other individuals who found a way to hold on to their own thoughts and personalities.

Written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge number 39.
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Butterfly Transformation

Have you ever been in one of those dreams where you wake up from a dream but are still in a dream?

One day my sister said I was a bully and was so mean that I probably ripped the wings off butterflies.  That night I went to sleep and woke up next to a butterfly that was welcoming me to my new life.

I heard barking headed towards us.  I started flapping away.  I turned to see where the dog was and saw the other butterfly was struggling to stay in the air because something was wrong with one of her wings.  I flew back and reached out my little arms and we both lifted higher, above the dog’s reach.

I woke up again and I was back in my bed.  There was a butterfly trying to fly high enough to get away from my dog.  I grabbed my dog’s collar with one hand and lifted the butterfly to a shelf with the other.  I wondered if I had truly woken up yet.

This was written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Image by TJ Paris.


Double Divas is double…interesting

IMAG1639Have you heard of the show Double Divas?  When I first saw a preview, I only halfway paid attention and somehow got the impression it was a reality show for either bigger sized girls or girls who wear larger sized bras going out and having fun and being proud of their sizes.  I don’t watch Lifetime very often so I didn’t see any episodes until recently.  The show cracks me up because of the unique customers they get.  The stars of the show own a lingerie type shop where people often ask for custom clothing for special circumstances.  When they are not helping those people, their goal tends to be making sure all women wear the right size bra.  Even on vacation, if they run across someone that is sagging a little too low or clearly is wearing too small a size, they tell them so and tell them what they do and to come to their shop and get fitted.  They have had some very interesting customers.

There was a guy with a plastic girlfriend.  She even had a tongue!  She loves Mexican food according to him and according to them she smelled like tacos.
The episode was called “Atlanta is Burning” because they did a “bad bra burning” event.  It was inspired by a customer who needed Civil War clothing.  Her significant other has been doing Civil War reenactments since he was a kid.  A lot of his family took part in it.  He wanted his Lady to join the event by wearing the clothes the ladies wore back then. The Double Divas had to do some research and found out that women wore 7 layers back then.  Yikes!  Can you imagine 7 layers in southern heat????!!!!  I knew they wore lots of clothing and several layers but yikes!  During the burning event, a fireman came and put the fire out.  When he showed up the owners threw all the rest of the bras in at once…and then in the next scene he was putting out the fire with the fire hose from his truck.  They were not happy about that.  These ladies are hilarious.  If I’m ever in the area I have to get them to make me a bra or something.  They do bras for all sizes, big or small.  They just want women to have the appropriate support.  They can tell by looking at a girl’s shirt whether or not sure is wearing the correct type of bra and bra size.  In episode “Motorcycle Mamas”, they were asked to make a bra for a goat.  Yes, you read that correctly, a goat.  Not a kid, not a human, a goat.  The utter was so low the kiddies could “barely suckle” as they said in the episode.  I guess there were ligaments gone on the back so it couldn’t hold the utter up on its own.  It was practically touching the floor.  That’s gotta be uncomfortable.  Betty is the name of this Mama Goat.  As silly as it sounds, the ladies came through and made Betty a bra that lifted her up enough for the kiddies to suckle.  It gave her some good support and she was probably grateful…if she understood what was going on.

These ladies are so a funny way.  They are so bold…..just openly touching boobs and feeling under them…I guess they’re comfy with that sorta thing.  Tellin’ women out loud blatantly in a biker bar that they’re a G cup.   Hil-freaking-larious…and bold!

Wake Up Call

My Mom woke me up today 2 minutes before I was supposed to attend a webinar.  She used to do that all the time..I’ve never been a morning person.  I was dreaming and as usual, she was in it.  Then I heard her call my name that way she always did when I needed to do something..whether that was get up and go to school or work…or come up front and do a chore or help her with something.  The second I heard her say my name that way my eyes popped open.  I wondered why she woke me up.  I looked at the clock and saw it was 2 minutes to the next hour.  I wondered if this was a day I was supposed to attend a class or webinar so I checked my e-mail and sure enough I had less than 2 minutes to click the link and log on.  That’s the second time she has done that lately.  For all I know it’s all in my head and this was just a coincidence…but I like it either way.  I don’t know if she could hear me, but I said Thank You anyway.


Catch Phrase with Cube-Workers

Clue:  The word/phrase is Lean On Me.

Me:  ” it’s both a movie and a song.”  After stumbling through a couple more clues from the movie, I realize people on the other team know what I am talking about, but my team has no idea.  After I run out of time, one guy on the other team yells “Lean On Me”!  I asked what should I have said to describe it better.  He says, Macaulay Culkin!!!   I laugh incredulously.