Double Divas is double…interesting

IMAG1639Have you heard of the show Double Divas?  When I first saw a preview, I only halfway paid attention and somehow got the impression it was a reality show for either bigger sized girls or girls who wear larger sized bras going out and having fun and being proud of their sizes.  I don’t watch Lifetime very often so I didn’t see any episodes until recently.  The show cracks me up because of the unique customers they get.  The stars of the show own a lingerie type shop where people often ask for custom clothing for special circumstances.  When they are not helping those people, their goal tends to be making sure all women wear the right size bra.  Even on vacation, if they run across someone that is sagging a little too low or clearly is wearing too small a size, they tell them so and tell them what they do and to come to their shop and get fitted.  They have had some very interesting customers.

There was a guy with a plastic girlfriend.  She even had a tongue!  She loves Mexican food according to him and according to them she smelled like tacos.
The episode was called “Atlanta is Burning” because they did a “bad bra burning” event.  It was inspired by a customer who needed Civil War clothing.  Her significant other has been doing Civil War reenactments since he was a kid.  A lot of his family took part in it.  He wanted his Lady to join the event by wearing the clothes the ladies wore back then. The Double Divas had to do some research and found out that women wore 7 layers back then.  Yikes!  Can you imagine 7 layers in southern heat????!!!!  I knew they wore lots of clothing and several layers but yikes!  During the burning event, a fireman came and put the fire out.  When he showed up the owners threw all the rest of the bras in at once…and then in the next scene he was putting out the fire with the fire hose from his truck.  They were not happy about that.  These ladies are hilarious.  If I’m ever in the area I have to get them to make me a bra or something.  They do bras for all sizes, big or small.  They just want women to have the appropriate support.  They can tell by looking at a girl’s shirt whether or not sure is wearing the correct type of bra and bra size.  In episode “Motorcycle Mamas”, they were asked to make a bra for a goat.  Yes, you read that correctly, a goat.  Not a kid, not a human, a goat.  The utter was so low the kiddies could “barely suckle” as they said in the episode.  I guess there were ligaments gone on the back so it couldn’t hold the utter up on its own.  It was practically touching the floor.  That’s gotta be uncomfortable.  Betty is the name of this Mama Goat.  As silly as it sounds, the ladies came through and made Betty a bra that lifted her up enough for the kiddies to suckle.  It gave her some good support and she was probably grateful…if she understood what was going on.

These ladies are so a funny way.  They are so bold…..just openly touching boobs and feeling under them…I guess they’re comfy with that sorta thing.  Tellin’ women out loud blatantly in a biker bar that they’re a G cup.   Hil-freaking-larious…and bold!


Vinyl Thoughts Art Show (in 8 Days!)

Today is the day! Don’t forget!

DF Dub

Have you seen the beautiful artwork outside of the Quixotic building on Malcolm X and Main St in Deep Ellum?  Have you been wondering what it is advertising with the date of 9.12.13?  The answer is the Vinyl Thoughts Art Show.  It is “Free 4 All” as the graffiti indicates and will be 7-11pm.

Vinyl Art Show Mural

You can find out more information on their Website and Facebook page.

Let’s recap:

What?  The Vinyl Arts Show

When?  September 12, 2013 from 7-11pm CST…that’s a Thursday BTW

Where?  The Quixotic World (I just love that name..Quixotic);  2824 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75226 in Deep Ellum

How Much?  Free Y’all!  Free for Adults with children.  Free for Adults with no children.  Free for Young People who aren’t yet Adults.

Deep Ellum graffiti on Main and Malcolm X

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Outfit of the Day: Summer Orange

My Photography

Fashion in the Urban Jungle

The Last Day’s of Summer


The last day of summer is September 21.2013 not Labor Day.

It irks me to no end when people lay claim to the fact that Labor Day is the last day of summer. Let me reassure you it’s not and we have THREE GOOD WEEKS left to prance around in our crop tops and cut offs.

I love these photos. They were shot by Naretah. She is a Dallas blogger as well. I enlisted her help so I should get some shots of this outfit with new 2.8 Nikon lens I have been playing around with. She did an amazing job and I love how beautiful and easy to handle the Nikon 2.8 70-200 VRII was to handle. I rented it from Dallas Camera’s for the weekend and I just FELL. IN. LOVE.

Orange is one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s warm…

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Green Women

Only $130 to go!


I recently read an article about an inspiring young Lady in the DFW metroplex that is avidly pursuing her passion of living green and encouraging the rest of us Earthlings to do the same. I have actually met her in person and have witnessed her unending dedication to the “cause”.  She is a person that definitely “walks the walk”.  Even while out having a good time with friends she still keeps the environment in mind: asking for a “to-go” container as long as it was not Styrofoam and refusing the plastic bag to carry it in. She knows a great deal about various energy and environmental processes including how waste (trash) is handled and how hurtful it is to living creatures.

According to the article and her blog, she even goes as far as collecting chip bags at work and picking up recyclable items on her bike rides.
She is…

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Damages TV Show

I am watching the TV show “Damages” (starring Glenn Close) through and it is driving me crazy.  Giving you the cliffhanger at the beginning of the season then teasing you with it throughout the season.  All these people crossing each other.  The web is so tangled I stopped trying to keep track of who is on whose side.  It’s practically impossible because at every turn somebody is switching sides even if only temporarily.