I Want to Write Fantasy

I like to create stories (although I’m not so great at finishing them).  I tend to create romance stories.  The inspiration is always in my face so that’s what comes out.  I’m always around people who are having a relationship or who want one.  Or at work I’ll hear about some sneaking around.  Even when a co-worker came out of the manager’s office crying, it made me think of a romance story.  I imagined that they had a heated discussion about their relationship or maybe they had a passionate encounter and she felt bad afterwords because one of them was in a relationship…not that I condone cheating, but it does happen.  Sometimes I’ll just imagine two unlikely people are having a thing or maybe I end up in some secret relationship with some guy no one would ever guess.  We keep it secret because we work together and don’t want it to get weird.  My point is, random romance situations pop up all the time so that’s what I tend to write.

Lately, I’ve been interested in writing Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  I’ve always been into the genre for books, movies, and TV shows.  Lately, that’s all I want to watch or read about.  I have been attempting to put a fantastical spin on my romance stories but I really have no idea how to write in this genre.  I know what I like but I feel like the world of creating fantasy and science fiction is a massive one.  I know that you have to be descriptive enough for people to be able to picture the world you a creating.  I love being swept up into a fantasy story, whether it is about dragons, wizards, or a cyborg Cinderella (Cinder).  I wonder if people take classes, just do a lot of research, or just write whatever comes into their heads.  I suppose there is a combination of all three. I need to figure out a good Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing course or website to look at so I have some direction.


Why Stop trying for a heartbeat?

A lot of times on TV, when a person is doing CPR or trying to jump start a heartbeat for too long, someone stops them. “Let them go,” they say or “it’s over, they’re gone, you’ve done all you could do.”. Sometimes those people ignore the suggestion and keep beating on the heart until the person takes a breath. Now I know this is all fictional but I always think “why stop? “. It’s not like you could make it worse. You might as well keep trying to see if it will work.  Stopping means it’s truly over.

The odd thoughts that go thru my head.

Dominos New Name

I just saw a Domino’s commercial telling us that Domino’s has changed its name. It is no longer Domino’s Pizza. It is just Domino’s now because they offer more than just pizza. I wondered if anyone else had the same silly thought as me, which was, “They were called Domino’s Pizza? I’ve always just called them Domino’s.”

My Netflix Faux Pas

As an avid Netflix watcher, you’d think I know better by now. Since I love being able to binge watch, you’d think I’d make sure that was a possibility before just jumping into a new show. But noooo, I didn’t bother to notice whether or not The Fall series had a new season in the works before going through both seasons. I didn’t even bother to notice how many episodes there were, which are only 5/6 for each season. So before I could blink, I was finished with both seasons. Then I found out that the 3rd season isn’t even in the works yet. The 2nd season just finished airing a few months ago. WHAT WAS I THINKING! If I had to do it again, I would first see how many seasons are out and how many are available on Netflix, then I would see how many episodes are in each season. This way I know how much I have to pace myself so that it won’t be over all in one sitting. Even if I don’t intend to be committed to a show (which was the case for this one) I need to notice these things. Because I know that if I watch enough episodes, I will eventually want to know what’s going to happen in the next episode/season simply because I’ve seen so much history, or in some cases, the show got better as it went on and/or it grew on me.

It sucks that now I have to wait probably a year before I can binge watch the next season of this show in its entirety. Or, I have to wait most of the year to watch it air on TV and then torture myself with weekly episodes. I think that Jillian Anderson was fantastic in this show and Jamie Dornan is cute, no matter what type of character he is playing. At least I’ll get to see him soon as Mr. Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey”. I first noticed him (and his good looks) in “Once Upon a Time” as the huntsman/sheriff character.

I eat in my car

I just finished eating my lunch at Taco Bell. I went through the drive-thru then parked in the Taco Bell parking lot to eat my meal.  It’s become a habit of mine to do this, at any fast food restaurant.   I was tickled when I looked to my left and saw that the two cars next to me were doing the exact same thing. I wonder why these others chose to eat in their car instead of the tables in the restaurant. I suppose some people dont want to eat alone, but what about the cars with more than one person doing this?  I like staying in my car when I’m by myself so I can keep listening to a podcast or an audiobook without being interrupted. Lol…as I’m writing this, another car pulled up and started eating.  Lol…you might think I’m a nosey stalker but I wasn’t looking very hard into their cars. With just a glance I can see the wrappers.
Are we too lazy to walk our butts into the restaurant or is the car just more comfy? 



I’m a fan of the Stargate SG-1 show.  I watched the original movie today, where Kurt Russell was Jack O’Neill instead of MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson).  I really enjoy these type of movies and shows.  As I watched them discover the magical powers of the Stargate, I thought how amazing that would be, to be part of such a discovery.  I see why people want to become astronauts and scientists.  Perhaps in my next life, I will aspire to do so as well.  I know this is not a reality, that our military probably isn’t traveling to other worlds through some stargate-like machine, but I’m sure there are some amazing things going on that I have yet to imagine.  Things that won’t be revealed for years to come.  Of course, I might be easily entertained.  I mean, simple hovercrafts and drones are awesome to me.  I saw that video of what’s his name, Tony Hawk, riding a hovercraft like a skateboard, much like my favorite teen wolf Michael J. Fox did in Back to the Future.  That would be so freaking awesome.