I’m a fan of the Stargate SG-1 show.  I watched the original movie today, where Kurt Russell was Jack O’Neill instead of MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson).  I really enjoy these type of movies and shows.  As I watched them discover the magical powers of the Stargate, I thought how amazing that would be, to be part of such a discovery.  I see why people want to become astronauts and scientists.  Perhaps in my next life, I will aspire to do so as well.  I know this is not a reality, that our military probably isn’t traveling to other worlds through some stargate-like machine, but I’m sure there are some amazing things going on that I have yet to imagine.  Things that won’t be revealed for years to come.  Of course, I might be easily entertained.  I mean, simple hovercrafts and drones are awesome to me.  I saw that video of what’s his name, Tony Hawk, riding a hovercraft like a skateboard, much like my favorite teen wolf Michael J. Fox did in Back to the Future.  That would be so freaking awesome.

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