Butterfly Transformation

Have you ever been in one of those dreams where you wake up from a dream but are still in a dream?

One day my sister said I was a bully and was so mean that I probably ripped the wings off butterflies.  That night I went to sleep and woke up next to a butterfly that was welcoming me to my new life.

I heard barking headed towards us.  I started flapping away.  I turned to see where the dog was and saw the other butterfly was struggling to stay in the air because something was wrong with one of her wings.  I flew back and reached out my little arms and we both lifted higher, above the dog’s reach.

I woke up again and I was back in my bed.  There was a butterfly trying to fly high enough to get away from my dog.  I grabbed my dog’s collar with one hand and lifted the butterfly to a shelf with the other.  I wondered if I had truly woken up yet.

This was written for: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy. Image by TJ Paris.



Do You Have a Work Facebook Account

A friend of mine was telling me that she was encouraged by her co-workers to get a work Facebook account.  This was after they realized she wasn’t Facebook friends with any of them on her person account.  She likes to keep her space between work and personal life.  The reply was that she needed to make a second Facebook account.  I wonder how many people do this.  She said a couple of her co-workers do have a work account.  Now that I think about it, I have seen some friends befriend me from more than one account or show up more than once when I search them.  I wonder if any of those second accounts were specifically for work.

Now I wonder what you post on a work Facebook page.  Do you now have to post your pics and thoughts twice?  Do you analyze what you want to post to decide if it is work-worthy?  I don’t think I understand the point of a work page but I wonder if other people do this and if they could explain.  I get that you want to get to know each other better, but if you really wanted to know each other better, wouldn’t you allow them to see your personal account, maybe just putting certain privacy setting in place?  Or is it more about what other people will post.  Are you afraid a person will post a drunk pic of you and tag you in it before you realize it?  Are you afraid they will say something on your page like, “I see why you hate those jokers at your job”, or maybe you’re afraid they will put something grotesque or immature on your page and it may reflect badly on you with you co-workers.  I completely understand if you’re afraid of ANY of these things which brings me back to the question of why do you need to connect to them through Facebook if you’re not trying to be on that level with them?  Why would you want to go through the work of managing two pages and trying to filter what you put on the second one?  Do you just upload family pics and leave it at that?  I guess I get that.

Just wondering…does anyone do this?

Double Toasted Weekend in Austin

I had a pretty good weekend this past weekend.  I went to Austin with a couple of friends and got to watch them do a photo shoot.  One friend is a photographer (Wonderland Boudoir) and the other is a Make-Up Artist (Jazzy Baptiste).  They let me tag along and help out a bit and I had fun. I like being “behind-the-scenes”.  We were shooting (like how I said “we”) some of the cast from DoubleToasted.com.  They were going to be having a one-year anniversary party that evening that we planned to attend.  We shot on top of a garage in Downtown Austin with a great view of the Texas State Capitol building.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out.  It was scorching hot being up there in direct beam of the sun but the wind was blowing which was pretty cool because not only did it give us a nice breeze but the women’s hair and skirts were blowing, making them look even lovelier and sexier.  I was glad that I could help out anyway I could.  I took a few background photos and video, drove a few of the models to where they needed to be after their session, and I even periscoped for the photographer.  It was my first time using the Periscope app. I think it’s pretty cool, although, at first I teased her about it.

It sounds silly but I kind of like the idea of helping out behind the scenes with this type of stuff.  I would like to do it more often. Maybe I should make myself an official “CREW” t-shirt.  I like being part of something so great and creative. It inspires me.  I hope I get to help out again.

Netflix Spoiled Me!

I am so spoiled by Netflix.  I hate, absolutely hate having to wait a whole week (or more) to see the next episode.  I am so used to being able to watch the next episode immediately and get that instant gratification. I tried watching a show on TV today and now I’m agitated from being so hyped up about what might happen but knowing I have at least a whole week to wait. I’m not even sure if there will be a new episode next week. You know how that goes.


Dear Step Pooper

Dear Step Pooper Owner,

I haven’t played Hop Scotch in years. Thanks to you, I’ve had to re-learn the game as I dodged your dog’s droppings all down the stairs this week. Surely you have noticed that your dog’s gifts have spread as people have walked through them. This has tested my hop scotching skills greatly. It was bad enough that your dog was marking up the stairs with his or her spray in this hundred degree weather. It smells horrid. It’d be nice if your dog could make it just a few feet further to the grassy area all the other dogs go to.


Your Hop Scotching Neighbor

Why Stop trying for a heartbeat?

A lot of times on TV, when a person is doing CPR or trying to jump start a heartbeat for too long, someone stops them. “Let them go,” they say or “it’s over, they’re gone, you’ve done all you could do.”. Sometimes those people ignore the suggestion and keep beating on the heart until the person takes a breath. Now I know this is all fictional but I always think “why stop? “. It’s not like you could make it worse. You might as well keep trying to see if it will work.  Stopping means it’s truly over.

The odd thoughts that go thru my head.

Dominos New Name

I just saw a Domino’s commercial telling us that Domino’s has changed its name. It is no longer Domino’s Pizza. It is just Domino’s now because they offer more than just pizza. I wondered if anyone else had the same silly thought as me, which was, “They were called Domino’s Pizza? I’ve always just called them Domino’s.”