1:  a period of temporary delay
2:  an interval of rest or relief
Why am I giving you the definition of the word “Respite” (per Merriam Webster)?  Because I keep seeing and hearing this word lately and it has been bugging me.  I hear it in audiobooks.  I hear it in movies and commercials.  I read it on the internet.  I don’t recall hearing this word much until recently and now I hear it every other day.  Perhaps I was never paying attention before.  You know how you’ll learn who an actor is when they star in a big hit movie, and then when you watch old movies going forward and see that actor/actress in them, you realize that you have seen this actor many times, but they just never stuck out to you until now.  Well, that’s what this feels like.  This word, that I don’t remember learning but figured out through context clues, keeps showing up everywhere.  I wondered at first why people don’t just say the shortened, more common version of the word, “rest”.  It delivers the same message.  It could be that I’ve been reading/listening to a culture that prefers that word sort of like “color” versus “colour”.  It could be that people get tired of saying “rest” so they change it up with a more complex sounding synonym.  It could be that I’ve been hearing this word all my life and it never made an impact until it came up several times in a short period.  Why am I obsessing over one single word out of the bazillions out there?  I don’t know.  Just cus!
And so ends my rant.

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