Kids are Idiots

Which is not something I say often because I know in many cases children just don’t know any better.  But I also know, since I once was a kid, that sometimes they do know better and still choose to act like idiots.  I was driving into a parking lot and right at the entrance some kids were kicking a ball back and forth.  They stopped so I could drive through before continuing.  At least I thought that’s what they were doing.  There were 3 kids on the left and one on the right of my car.  The one on the right had the ball.  Right as my car rolled between them, I saw the boy with the ball start running toward it, swing back his leg, and kick.  I flinched because out of the corner of my eye I saw him kick the ball right when my seat was even with him and it seemed as if the ball was coming right at me.  He ended up chipping the ball over the car, I think.  I didn’t really see where it ended up but I know it went over the window instead of into it.  I hit the brake and quickly focused back on the road in front of me to make sure no kids had run in front of me.  I wasn’t going very fast but it all happened so quickly that I was freaked out about losing control or swerving between the kids.  When I finally was clear of them, all I could think was, “fucking idiots”.  I realized that their game wasn’t to kick around the ball between cars, it was to do so over the cars and while the cars were driving through.  I see how that could be a neat challenge, but it pissed me off because what if I were going fast?  What if I didn’t keep control of the car because I was too distracted by the kid running up toward the ball and kicking it.  Yea, I know I’m in a car and the ball can’t really do anything to me but in the moment, you can’t help but to flinch when a ball is shooting straight at you and you weren’t expecting it.  Plus, what if that kid screwed up the kick and he actually hit the car and I got out pissed and ready to pummel him.  Okay, I wouldn’t do that but he could get into some trouble if he hit the wrong person’s car.  Someone may decide to throw the ball back at him to see how he likes it.

And there’s my rant for the day.


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