How I passed my time

So I’m sitting here waiting for a friend to come over and what do I do to pass the time?  I start jumping on turtles, busting bricks with my head, and going through tubes.  I don’t do this very often these days, especially since the Wii remote runs down battery so quickly.  But I still think it’s funny that I can still rely on this age-old game to keep my company.  And I think it’s funny that I still want to.  I have yet to grow out of it.  Mario and I go way back and even though I don’t give him as much attention these days, he’s still there, waiting for me to pick up where I left off.  One of these days I’m going to have to download Donkey Kong because that game kept me company as well.  But Mario 1 and 3 are keeping me just fine right now.  I wonder the stats on how many times I’ve jumped on walking bombs and shooting bullets.  How many times I’ve slammed into …well just about everything…. when my body was aglow with star magic.  How many times have I saved that princess.  How many times have I outrun ghosts, scary suns, and perilous clouds.  How many times have I run super fast and flown up to the sky or climbed a beanstalk and walked across the clouds.  How rich must I be by now with all of the coins I have captured.  How many stars, flowers, and mushrooms have a matched together in a card game, have I pieced together as the shuffled by real fast, have I bumped out of a brick to capture their magic, have I bumped with my head as I reached the end of the level.  How many castles have I overcome.  How many times have I grown tall and shrunk small.  How many times have I gone on an adventure as Mr. Mario and Mr. Luigi?


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