Chillen to Showtunes….Day 4 NaBloPoMo

I’m really just laying her chilling out to the Showtunes Radio station on Pandora. It has actually brightened my mood and helped me relax.  I know my friends would all make fun of me if they saw me.  I’m bouncing around to a song from Mulan as if it’s some Hip-Hop or Pop song on the radio. I often get made fun of for liking musicals but oh well, who cares. I’ve never heard the end of it from the day I gave a friend a ride and he found the Lion King soundtrack in my CD player. You know what…screw you! I like singing show tunes! And playing them on my keyboard!  😬  Lol.

I also odd reactions because I like listening to audio books. Thoseimage of you who listen to them these days know they’re more than some monotone voice reading words on a page..”Bueller, Bueller”.  No, not at all. A good audiobook puts you in the story. It’s like listening to a movie but your imagination gets to create the characters exactly how you…for lack of a better word…imagine them to be.  [A song from Grease just came on.  “Summer lovin’, happened so fast…tell me more, tell me more.” You know you know that song, don’t play.]

Anyways….I don’t know why I’m going on and on about things I like that people make fun of me for. Venting perhaps? I’m just giddy these things were able to improve my mood I guess. I do accounting by day and sometimes staring at numbers and spreadsheets all day can leave you craving creative and perhaps nonsensical stimulation.  Before turning on Pandora I was listening to a book about a futuristic version of Red Riding Hood. I finished listening to the prequel a few days ago about a cyborg Cinderella.  I wrote my thoughts on it here if you’re interested.

Well, it’s almost midnight so I better get this sucker posted. I’m actually proud of myself for posting four days in a row. That’s probably the most I’ve ever posted in one month.

Uh oh..and now that Footloose song is on getting me all pumped up, but I need to go my butt to sleep.

Thanks for reading. Happy NaBloPoMo!


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