Perfectionism Can Be a Henderance

Being a perfectionist can drive you mad. It’s such a struggle to get things accomplished because nothing ever quite look right until you mess with it and re-do it 40 times and re-analyze it 40 different way. I drives me nuts because it makes me take longer to get posts out there because I can’t ever consider them “finished”. So many times I’ll work on it until I’m too tired to think straight so I say I will look at it again another day and that day sometimes takes a while to come. This is my attempt to just post things and get them out there for the sake of getting them out there. This is probably not perfect but I’m going to just hit publish and not over analyze my purpose and grammar for a week. I’m trying to do this at work as well. I want to get things accomplished quicker and actually have a product to out there to edit versus is days later still working on my first draft. There is always the edit button right? That’s what I have to keep inside my over-thinking head. I keep wanting to get things out there perfect the first time but even after I finally hit publish, they are never perfect. I admire people who get tons of posts out there daily even if with several grammatical errors or if they don’t quite make sense. At least they are posting stuff. Same goes for work. I admire people who get their work done and just wait for the boss to come back and get them to fix their mistakes. At least they have a finished product. I still don’t plan to just do work and turn it in any kind of way but I sure do want to lift this ridiculous self-taught burden of having to get things perfect all the time.


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