Body Confidence

I met some Ladies recently that I thought should be on TV, whether reality or fiction.  They were of all sizes, short/tall/thin/thick/curvy.  Each of them were wearing tight or real fitting clothing and even though not all of their bodies were perfect, they all looked fantastic in their outfits.  Some were showing a lot of skin in places you don’t usually see thick people showing skin, but still they looked good.  The reason they fascinated me was because I live and work in an area where people are obsessed with their sizes and their looks.  They all aim to be perfect and petite and won’t be happy until they get there.  Many times they get there and then go back to living their life normally and surprise surprise, a few pounds show back up.  I think it’s’ great for people to be healthy but I find it disturbing to see this obsession so much.  So often I hear people deny a treat and talk about how fat they are or how whoever is offering the treat is trying to ruin their body.  It annoys me because I grew up around people who wanted to look good but didn’t think they had to be perfect to do so.  Even if their stomach wasn’t completely flat they still wore cute outfits that fit them and not bulky over sized clothes to hide their so-called undesirable figures.  Even if they weren’t 100% happy with the size of their legs or arms, they still wore shorts, dresses, and sleeveless blouses.  Since they were walking with their heads held high in these nice outfits and still being themselves, nobody seemed to notice the imperfections.  They all had boyfriends or boyfriend potential.  The guys were attracted to how the Women presented themselves and how they portrayed self-confidence and their full personality despite their imperfections.  I learned this same way of life.  Wearing a bathing suit in mixed company to go have fun in the pool was no problem.

Unfortunately, as my generation got older and all the media outlets focused more and more on perfection, all of my friends became obsessed with their looks.  They could not walk out of the door without their make-up just in case they ran into other people when we were hanging out.  They started being overly attentive to any imperfection on their body and obsessed over covering it up one way or another.  They weren’t happy unless they starved themselves and worked out three times a day.  I held out for the longest still being capable of interacting with the public as myself and not having to disguise myself as what I thought I should look like.  I have grown accustomed to this way of life which is why I was so fascinated by the Ladies I saw the other day.  They were smiling and showing their full personalities with no apologies for their imperfections.  I forgot what it was like being around those type of people.  It is much easier to feel comfortable with being yourself because there are no worries about someone looking at you sideways because you are not perfect and aren’t acting like they are by obsessing over it.  Yes, some of these Ladies are aware there are some things they can do about those imperfections….like exercise more.  But in the mean time, they are not letting that stop them from enjoying their lives.  These are the people that need to be on TV these days…in my opinion.


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