Sometimes It’s Hard to Sleep

I’m really glad “I Love Lucy” comes on at 4 o’clock in the morning.  It’s something to watch on those nights my body seems to think it’s still daytime.  Most times I can get so sleep before 4 but I still wake up while “I Love Lucy” is on.  It’s on for three hours every morning.  I try different methods all the time but Insomnia is a tricky broad.  I’ve taken Ambien, but try not to make it a habit since it can be an addictive product and your body can grow immune and you have to keep upping the dosage.  Sometimes I put the TV on a timer and turn something boring on so I don’t feel the need to stay up because it’s so engaging.  Sometimes I set a timer on the computer or phone and listen to an audio book until I fall asleep.  Usually it’s some Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum series) book.  Some people tell me they read until it makes them sleepy.  I read but it doesn’t put me to sleep.  I might get too tired to absorb what I’m reading, but it still doesn’t put me to sleep.

I wonder…what do other folks do to go to sleep?

Struggling With Sleeping Disorders article



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