Help Me Hug You!

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is a real need.

Fashion in the Urban Jungle

Loosing an Arm

My friend Tam Tam said something to me one day that really made me think.

In front of 7-11 one evening a homeless man came up to her and asked if she could spare some money to buy a hot dog for him.

Her Response?

“I don’t really have the money to give out, but I’m sure that $2 meant more to him than it did to me.”

That, my friends, is the mindset we should all be living in.

Yes, the economy may SLOWWWWWWWLY be getting better but there are people out there still struggling and we should work together as a country and a community to help others in need, rather if we know them or not.

I have a friend from high school that has been diagnosed with bone cancer. She currently has a gofundme account where she is requesting donations for helping her…

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