Green Women

I recently read an article about an inspiring young Lady in the DFW metroplex that is avidly pursuing her passion of living green and encouraging the rest of us Earthlings to do the same. I have actually met her in person and have witnessed her unending dedication to the “cause”.  She is a person that definitely “walks the walk”.  Even while out having a good time with friends she still keeps the environment in mind: asking for a “to-go” container as long as it was not Styrofoam and refusing the plastic bag to carry it in. She knows a great deal about various energy and environmental processes including how waste (trash) is handled and how hurtful it is to living creatures.

According to the article and her blog, she even goes as far as collecting chip bags at work and picking up recyclable items on her bike rides.
She is going on a 300 mile bike ride from New York to D.C. as part of a fundraiser. I have donated twice because I love that she truly cares about the environment and not just getting a free bike ride tour. She has to raise approx. $2500 to go. The money goes towards four environmental organizations of her choosing. She has received quite a bit of donations but is not there yet and there is not much time left. Her blog and the article have links to make a donation.

Her blog:

The article:

I think she is an Amazing Woman and very inspiring.


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