Like Minds; Same Diff

I was just looking at a picture of a friend who was wearing a unique outfit she put together herself.  I was thinking how I would never have thought of that and even if I had, I would not have thought it was a good idea.  But when I look at it on her it works.  I don’t have the type of vision she has when it comes to fashion.  Unless I actually see it on someone, sometimes it’s hard for me to picture whether or not it would look good.  She, on the other hand, is constantly picturing how different looks will come out.  I just think it’s interesting how people can be so like-minded yet come at things from such a different direction.  She and I are both creative and both went to business school so we have somewhat of a mind for business.  Very often though, when I come up with an idea, whether it is creative or business-like, she tells me she never thought of it that way.  Many times I think the same thing about her ideas.  Neither one of us are wrong and neither is more right than the other; our thought processes just work differently.  I just think that’s kinda cool.  I like running things by her to see what she’d say about them in case she’s thinking of something that makes more sense.  And I’d like to think some times she does the same.

Just thoughts on my mind I felt like rambling about.


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