Tabitha Takes Over

I was flipping though channels and came across a show called “Tabitha Takes Over”.  I only stopped because the lady named Tabitha looked familiar to me.  I decided to watch the show and found it quite interesting.  She was helping a Lady who owns a bar improve her business. There are several stories amongst the group that effect their performances.  Most of the group is family.  The original owners are a wife and husband.  Unfortunately, the husband has passed and now their sons are trying to step up and run the business.  One is 23 and was acting exactly a 23-year-old would act if they were managing a bar.  He drank all day, gave free drinks to all of his friends, first thing he would do any morning was drink a beer.  The other brother was much more responsible but showed little interest in running the bar.

The Mother sat down with Tabitha to discuss the issues.  Tabitha took control of the business for a week to help.  She was very direct  with everyone in this family, including the mother, and especially the 23-year-old.  She told him he was acting like a 5-year-old.  She was really getting into him….cussing at him and everything.  Tabitha had the two brothers do some physical work…pack a truck with cases of water.  Of course the 23-year-old was hung over and had an attitude so she got into him again.  The other brother appreciated the little bit of hard work they were forced to do because both his parents worked in a factory and it gave him an opportunity to understand what hard work really is.  It was clear that he was the more mature and responsible brother so by the end of the week, Tabitha recommended that he manage the bar instead of the 23-year-old.  He accepted the opportunity to step up and help his Father’s business succeed again.  He admitted that the reason he wasn’t interested in working in the bar much before was because of his brother.  He said they would butt heads and he did not want to be fighting with family.  Nevertheless, he was clearly the better man for the job.   Tabitha also got a professional bartender who worked for TABC to teach them how to make drinks since none of them had a clue how to make most common drinks.  Tabitha also got the place made over, updating the furniture and such.

So after a week of Tabitha running the show, she handed the keys back over to the owner.  The owner (Mother) asked the older brother to manage the business.  Six weeks later Tabitha checked on them to see how things were going.  They all said business was improving.  The interesting thing was that the 23-year-old actually started to step up and be responsible.  He stopped drinking and started taking the business much more seriously.  The other brother who was asked to manage apparently started to back down a little bit because he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted.  He had mentioned school earlier in the show so perhaps that was a deterrent.  Of course Tabitha was blown away by all the positive feedback about the 23-year-old.  Even the Mother said he was shaping up and being more responsible.  Perhaps after being removed from the manager position made him realize he couldn’t just play around…it was a real business…his Father’s business.  After all, he was the son most interested in running the place anyways, not the other brother.

I wonder if they will give another update later on in the year.  Who knows, I probably won’t see it because I very rarely watch Bravo, but maybe I will be looking for that show now.


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