Friends vs. Aquaintances

How good of a friend does someone have to be for you to care if they are mad at you?  Lately I have been bumping heads with someone and did what I usually do which is try to talk it out or decide to get over it and talk to that person again…perhaps they think they won but I’m really just being the bigger person because friendship is important to me and I don’t like losing friends.   The thing is, this person isn’t the easiest person to get along with and instead of telling you they have a problem, they just choose to ignore you and never tell you why.  So after while, I got tired of getting ignored every other day and not having a clue what the deal was.  It came to me though, that this person is hardly a friend.  I tried to get to know them but that’s a two-sided game and if they stay shut off then there is not much I can do about that.  So if they aren’t really a friend then they must be an acquaintance right?  So maybe they are slightly more than an acquaintance because we have actually hung out a few times, but I had to evaluate whether or not the relationship was really worth trying to save.  I know that if I got into it with a close friend…or even an average friend…I was attempt to smooth things out with them.  If I got into it with an acquaintance or someone I barely know, I may not care so much.  If they never talk to me again ti doesn’t matter, they apparently weren’t worth the trouble anyways..their loss right?  So why was I trying so hard to befriend this person despite the clear disrespect they had for our so-called friendship.  I realized that I really don’t care that much if they are mad at me because they really are not much of a friend.  So I guess whatever status they are to me, it is not important enough for me to continue being the “bigger” person and still attempt to talk to them or check on them, help them out or be nice.  Of course, if they were in a jam I would help them out.  But other than that, I just don’t care what they do…it’s not worth the effort.


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